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Exhibitor Guide

Exhibitor Guide

How to

Registration Fee

Booth Type Space Only Shell Scheme
Registration Fee USD 2,000 / booth USD 2,400 / booth

Booth Information

Classification Space Only Shell Scheme
Booth Type
Booth Detail Space Only, 3m x 3m
Exhibitor must contact BEXCO subcontractor in person
Space + Shell Stand, 3m x 3m
Offering detail : - Assembly System Wall  
- Company signboard(KR/EN)  
- Lighting & Electric Power 1kw  
- 1 Information desk with 1 chair
* Except for the basic providing equipment, Company must apply additional items separately(TBA)

Payment Details

Bank Account Number Swift Code Account Opener
Korea Exchange Bank
(World Trade Center Branch)
650-007890-109 KOEXKRSE EXPORUM