Balance Festival

Sleep Well Fair

Sleep Tools & Furniture Sleeping gears(Mattress, bed, duvet, pillow etc.)
Functional sleeping gears(Recliner, motion beds etc)
Sleeping ware, Earplugs, Eye Patches, Massage equipment etc.
Sleeping Environment Indoor temperature/humidity controller, Lighting, Wallpaper/Curtains, Window shades, Carpets
Bedding Material Cotton, artificial silk, polyester, printing, antibacterial fabric etc.
Sleep Therapy Medication, Sleep Inducer, Aromatic Therapy, ASMR, Health Functional Food, Teas, Bathing, Esthetic, Candles, Diffusers
Sleep Technology Technology to gather data and analyze user’s sleep habit(IoT, Wearable devices, Applications etc.)
Sleep Doctor Clinics, Consultation for sleep disorder, Medical appliance, Sleeping disorder laboratories